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About New Era

New Era Tool & Die is the headquarters for The New Era Group, a private Corporation founded in 1963. Our founder Mario Tersigni was the visionary and guiding force of the company for almost 55 years. Mario created the foundation, principles, and formula for success we still use today. His honest work ethic, integrity and attention to quality of workmanship has made New Era Group a success on all levels. Over time, we have evolved from a custom job shop specializing in large machining and fabrication, to a multi-faceted company that can work with a diverse customer base to achieve their manufacturing goals. We provide end to end solutions for our customers and customers worldwide have experienced respectful service and relied on our expertise to solve their challenging technical and time-constrained applications using innovative and advanced manufacturing techniques.

New Era Tool & Die continues to increase our scope of capabilities in order to provide additional value added services including: welding and fabrication, hydrostatic testing, and assembly, in addition to being a custom machine shop. We also have the procurement capability to provide customers with supplementary services for its products such as Non-Destructive Testing, Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) measurement of completed parts, stress relieving, blasting and coating, chroming and hard facing, transportation, and other services.

New Era Tool & Die effectively competes internationally by equipping committed employees with the latest management techniques, advanced manufacturing technologies, and a focus on product quality and satisfies customers in a wide array of industries including: Oil & Gas, Pumping, Steel Manufacturing, Mining, Marine, Aerospace, and Power Generation including nuclear.

We would like to create value for you.


New Era Tool & Die takes pride in its heritage as a company and its ability to provide customers with a high level of service as well as a high quality finished product.


New Era Tool & Die strives to exceed customer expectations by recommending innovative solutions in order to improve product design, functionality, and overall quality while being mindful of cost efficiency. Let our experience and expertise let you stay ahead in an increasingly competitive global market.

What Our
Customer Says

  • One of the company’s historic highlights was the participation in the manufacturing of the famous candarm commissioned by NASA for its Return to flight program involving the space shuttle.

    Adam K.